EUR/USD 1.17891 (12:45 07.08)
DUBAI 3386.050 (10:00 07.05)
DUBAI 3392.470 (09:30 07.05)
KUWAIT 6554.560 (09:20 07.05)
TADAWUL 6874.340 (09:00 07.05)
DUBAI 3394.260 (09:00 07.05)
DUBAI 3398.330 (08:30 07.05)
DUBAI 3388.160 (08:00 07.05)
DUBAI 3396.650 (07:30 07.05)
KUWAIT 6731.290 (07:20 07.05)
SAUDI REFINERIES 33.450 (12:20 06.05)
SAUDI REFINERIES 33.450 (10:00 06.05)
BitCOin/USD 1522.1733 (03:10 06.05)
DOLLAR INDEX-APR17 98.443 (20:30 05.05)
USD/JPY 112.481 (20:00 05.05)
FERRARI 82.485 (20:00 05.05)
EUR/CHF 1.08523 (20:00 05.05)
ALIBABA 116.035 (20:00 05.05)
NZD/USD 0.69187 (20:00 05.05)
EUR/AUD 1.48178 (20:00 05.05)
AUD/USD 0.74225 (20:00 05.05)
AUD/JPY 83.485 (20:00 05.05)
DOLLAR INDEX-APR17 98.420 (20:00 05.05)
3M 199.355 (20:00 05.05)
USD/CHF 0.98679 (20:00 05.05)
EUR/USD 1.09977 (20:00 05.05)
EUR/JPY 123.705 (20:00 05.05)
GENERAL MOTORS 33.765 (20:00 05.05)
AUD/CHF 0.73240 (20:00 05.05)
GBP/CAD 1.77307 (20:00 05.05)

Are my Nordex Trading Account's profits taxable?

Our investors are responsible for their taxation liabilities. We recommend that our clients comply with the laws of their country of residence or nationality.

How can I change my account information?

After you're logged into your account, click on the "My Account" button on the top right side of the page. From there a form will open, where you can update your personal details. 

What is the minimum opening balance to activate my account?

The minimum amount needed to start investing is 300 USD/EUR/GBP.

Do I have to pay any withdrawal fees?

Withdrawals maybe subjected to a small transaction fee of 25 USD/EUR/GBP when processing depending on the withdrawal method.

What is a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT Code is an identification code that identifies a specific bank. SWIFT Codes are generally used for monetary transfers and consist of eight digits. Phone your bank to receive your SWIFT Code.

What documents are required to be able to withdraw?

In order to withdraw, your account must be verified and you will need to email us the following documents:

1. A copy of your valid government issued photo ID, front and back. This can be an Identification card, Driver License or Passport).

2. A copy of a utility bill showing your name and address preferably matching the address on the submitted ID. A utility bill can be either a Water, Gas, Electric, Phone Bill or Bank Statement not more than 3 months old as proof of residence.

3. A copy of the credit card used showing only your name, expiration date, last four digits on the front of the card and your signature on the back. All other information must be concealed for your protection.

If you are unable to provide proof of address via utility bill, a copy of a notarized affidavit with residential address will be sufficient. The affidavit cannot be more than 3 months old.

Reasons why my credit/debit transaction was declined?

The billing address on the credit/debit card statement does not match the address submitted on the transaction.

Your credit/debit card is not open for international transactions. In order, to open the credit/debit card you must phone the number located on the back side of your card.

Your security card code (SVC) does not match the card code submitted on the transaction.

Can I Open Multiple Accounts?

We do not allow more than one account per name and credit card.

Is There a Minimum Re-deposit?

Yes, the minimum re-deposit is $250.

Is There a Maximum Deposit?

No, there is no maximum deposit.

How do I Deposit Funds Into my Trading Account?

Depositing funds into your trading account is fast and secure. Log in into your account, go to “My Account” and click deposit. There are various methods with which you can fund your account with. Choose what suits you best from the following:

Bank Wire Transfer

Credit Card

Third Party Credit Card